World Clock Portable


The portable clock to keep track of the time anywhere in the world


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World Clock Portable is the portable version of World Clock, an app created to simplify the conversion of the world clock for anyone who needs to quickly find the time and date in any part of the world. Forget about calculating the time yourself to make sure a call will not wake somebody up on the other side of the planet.

This world clock is a simple and efficient tool with features not seen in any other world clock.

The world map in World Clock Portable has many graphic features such as interactive time zones and regions, city markers, country names, flags and UTC numbers (Coordinated Universal Time).

The time zone window also includes the city capitals and digital times and dates. The zone panel has eight time zones for Windows and two time zone selection methods.

World Clock Portable creates custom clocks that you can embed in a website, blog, forum, presentation, desktop, software, intranet, iPad, iPhone, tablet or smartphone.
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